Tips for Success with Membership Websites

Tips for Creating a Membership Website

You might of heard of people selling online courses… And yes, you can make money online with online courses ( – but not nearly as much as if you made a membership website. A Membership website allows you to generate recurring revenue every month for each person behind your movement.

Tips for Creating a Membership Website
You may have heard about how to make a membership website before, but you may not know precisely how to go about creating one. This type of site is an excellent way for you to get a steady flow of new
visitors, and if done right, can also make a good amount of money. If you are looking for some ideas, there are many ways that you can learn how to create a membership website.
A membership website is a blog that allows you to promote products, sell things, invite guests to come into your home, share your experiences, or anything else that you feel would be interesting for your audience. Instead of simply authoring articles about a specific topic daily, you could write about various issues for more exposure. If you choose to create a membership website, you will need to create your graphics, write content that will attract the reader and put together an attractive design for your website. You will want to be sure that you provide a wealth of content to help visitors stay interested, and make sure that they have easy access to the contact information that you provide. This is important because they want to be able to contact you if they have questions.
As with any website, you will have to take care of some essential elements when you create your membership websites. You will have to put in some necessary HTML coding, and you’ll also need to set up an account so that you can create your blog and market the products and services that you sell. However, if you do the work in a prompt fashion, you should create a very profitable membership site that can generate a steady flow of visitors for years to come.

Our favorite resource for learning about growing and scaling our membership sites is They have extensive guides and a great community with other people building their own memberships – you can join in on the fun over at:

Guide to Marketing Your Membership Website
You can make a large profit with your membership website if you use the right guide to market your membership website. The main idea you need to do to have a successful membership site is to have a useful and practical membership site marketing guide.
You want your membership site to be as successful as possible because if you do not have one, you will not get any business. You can make your membership site work for you by using a free membership site marketing guide that teaches you some of the most important things to make a good membership site. When you first start looking for a guide to marketing your membership website, try using Google. Make sure that the free guide you use teaches you things like search engine optimization. Search engine optimization will increase the number of people who can find your website and the number of people who will buy a membership on your website.
A useful membership website marketing guide also teaches you ways to get the word out about your membership website. This includes putting up banners and other such things on various sites. These things will help to get more people to visit your membership website. Nevertheless, it would benefit if you remembered that you would only need to have a few of these so that you do not overwhelm your visitors. They may even assume that your membership website is free and try you before deciding to buy a membership.

How to Price Your Membership Website?

Something to consider when you decide to price your membership website is how much traffic your site gets? The added traffic that your website has, the more money you can make. Therefore, it is crucial to put as much work into the product or service that you are offering as you do into the website itself. So, if you are going to price your membership website the way you do, you will be making a lot of money, as long as you are selling a lot of membership websites.

If you are trying to make income on the internet, you are going to need to find ways to drive traffic to your websites.

The second freebie tip that you should use is to look for free website builder download programs. These can be downloaded easily and are free to start with. This will allow you to quickly get started building a site without having to spend any money.
These are just some of the best members site software platforms that people can build a membership site on. That way, you will be capable to create a membership site without too much trouble, and then you will be able to get your website up and running without any problems at all.
They do not require any software design skills to use. You do not need to have experience with HTML or programming languages to build a membership site using these tools. All that is needed is basic HTML and knowledge of programming languages.
If you use the best membership site software platforms, you will have a membership site that is built from the ground up. They will give all you need to create a website that people will be comfortable with. They will enjoy the ease of use and the flexibility they offer and build a membership site that will be remarkably successful.
One of the most accessible themes to use is called Blogger. Many people use it on their blog, and a lot of them are exceptionally good at making money with it. You can add a lot of content to it, change a lot of things, or use it as a blank slate.
Another of the best WordPress membership site themes is the Squiggles Theme. This is a new theme that has been gaining popularity in recent years. Some of the most remarkable elements are the ability to customize the color scheme and make it look unique.
WordPress also has a very flexible and customizable sidebar. When it comes to adding content, you can make the sidebar do about anything. It can be rearranged to display multiple columns, or it can change the way it looks all together. There are also a lot of options available when it comes to adding different wp membership plugin to the sidebar.
When you are looking to get started making money on the internet, you should start looking into getting the best WordPress membership site themes. These are the most user-friendly ones, and they allow you to create a website that people will love.
If you plan to get your online business site, you should go for the best membership plugin WordPress themes for membership sites. If you have a small online business, it would be better if you get yourself
WordPress Themes that can host your website. Before you begin, do not miss this article about the most famous and most sought-after best membership plugin WordPress themes.
It is vital to choose the right theme for your site. The theme can easily define what kind of style or layout you should have for your website. It is an innovative idea to select a theme that can make your site attractive and useful at the same time.
A good layout is also essential to your site. It would help if you took your time to consider all the factors involved while designing your website. The layout should be very convenient and easy to use. It should make it easier for visitors to navigate through your site.
Cactus: This is the most popular WordPress Theme that has been used by thousands of websites. It is a WordPress theme that allows your site to be categorized and search engines friendly. If you want your site to become famous, you must go to Cactus. This theme is considered as one of the best WordPress Themes available today.
WOffice: Another outstanding WordPress Theme for the site would be WOffice. This theme can be used for creating your website to be highly customizable. It can construct your site using unusual color themes and many more features. You can add your widgets to your site to make it more exciting and unique. You can also add graphics to your site with the help of the office.
Boss: This is a WordPress Themed Professional Theme that will help you build your website in a matter of minutes. Once you apply this theme on your website, you will find that it is highly customizable and extremely helpful in increasing the traffic to your site.
AMember Professional: This is a WordPress Theme that has been chosen by thousands of members. It allows you to have a limitless amount of skins that are capable of being used for customizing your site. You can add lots of information, images, and graphics for your website using the AMember Professional WordPress Themes. This theme is also very user friendly and is an excellent source for users to customize their sites.
Blogspot: This is another trendy WordPress Theme used by thousands of bloggers across the globe. Blogspot includes many great wp membership plugins that are extremely useful in providing you with an organized and well-developed site. You can add a lot of exciting features to your blog with the help of Blogspot.
The list above is just a small choice of the best WordPress themes for membership sites that are easily offered in the marketplace. These are the ones that are highly recommended by experts. There are many more like LockerDome, SitePoint, and WordPress Pro. You can find a wide variety of them at the World Wide Web. It is crucial to ensure that you select the most suitable one for your need.

Best WordPress Membership Themes

WordPress is actually one of the very best and popular content management system (CMS); it powers over 31.7% of the internet and owns about 60.1% of the CMS market share. So if you are really looking for one of the great CMS to power your membership sites, you would not go wrong with WordPress.

Make sure to check all of our guides at for the most efficient strategies for building your membership website!

The popularity of the CMS is because it is very beginner-friendly, and you do not need any coding skills to get you up and running. This is because installation is secure, and there are tons of themes and plugins to expand its functionality.

Today we will be talking about these best free WordPress themes for membership sites that you can use for your sites.

However, finding the best WP theme for your membership site is just one of the few components of a successful membership site you will need to consider some other things as well and these include the following:

1. How To Price Your Membership Website
Like any business, you will have to consider your overhead costs which include domain registration and hosting fees as well as the themes and plugins that you add to the WP membership site.
While you can find free themes and plugins, some of them are premium, and you will have to pay for them. After adding up your costs, then you can add a markup and then set the price. The offerings that you have on the site, as well as what your competitors are charging for similar services is going to matter to the amount that you choose. The goal here will be to maximize your price while maintaining a reasonable monthly cost.

2.  Marketing Your Membership Website
Sales are the lifeblood of any business, and it is always a mantra of mine to follow the 80-20 rule. That means you need to concentrate 80 percent of your efforts on getting more sales and the other 20 percent on all the rest of the business functions, because without sales, your membership site won’t be around for very long.
Sales and its direct proponents for an online business includes  things like SEO, Social media, PPC advertising, Email marketing, and all the other advertising options to get visitors to your site and thus increase your sales.

3. How to Create a Membership Website
As I stated earlier, the best place to start in any online business and any business for that matter is niche research and learning if your idea is viable as a business and not just a hobby. Now a membership site is a broad niche because you can create a membership site around just about any subject.
The trick is to find out if there is enough of a market for your intended site over the subject. And if you will actually have enough people willing to pay for access.
So your first task will be to pick the right idea. And you will always be advised to start with something that you are passionate about. That passion is what will give you the motivation to keep going in those early days when you do not readily see a return on your investment.
 Build your site is the natural part like I said you can easily use WordPress and the best free WordPress themes for membership sites that cut into your launching costs.
Finally, after deciding on your site’s idea, name, membership offerings, and choosing the best WP theme for membership site. It is time to launch your membership site. You can always do a pre-launch as well to create some buzz around your site. Social media marketing comes in handy during this stage of launch.

4. Best Membership Site Platforms

The top five platforms for your membership site include the following
A. WordPress – This is a popular CMS, which is cheap because the CMS, Themes and plugins are free to use. The only challenge comes when you need custom or premium themes and plugins, and these can be expensive at times.
B.  Joomla – As with WordPress, Joomla is a very beginner-friendly CMS for building membership sites. However, it does not have as many options when it comes to themes and plugins, as WP has.
C.  BuddyPress – This is the go-to site for building communities and membership sites. It does offer a lot of extras, but it is not as beginner-friendly as the other two above, and if you need to customize it, you will need to hire a developer, and that can prove to be costly.
D. Podia – Podia has anything you need to sell online courses and memberships. The drawback with podia are that it is not free and with a $39 monthly pricing to start with, it could be quite expensive in the long run especially when you don’t have the sales to cover the costs earlier on.
E. MemberPress – MemberPress is a plugin built on the WordPress CMS, and it is made explicitly for membership sites. It is attractive because WP is free and you can also use free WordPress themes to customize the look and feel of the website.
5. The Five Best Themes for The Sites that offer memberships
A.    Astra – This theme is very flexible and works perfectly with MemberPress and Woocommerce for subscription-based membership sites. It comes prepackaged with kits to get you up and running in a few clicks.
B.    Ultra – With a built-in drag and drop builder, this site is perfect for that person making a membership site but do not know how to code because you do not need to write any.
C.     Hestia Pro – Hestia comes with one or multipage layouts and many flexible theme options. These options include shapes, colors and widgets.
D.    Authority Pro – This theme is created as part of and under the Genesis Framework which is sought after for its modern and exquisite look.
E.     Binder Pro – This is a multipurpose theme that is great for membership sites, and it comes with a ton of options.

6. Best WordPress Plugins for Membership Sites
Below are the best WordPress plugins to pair with your membership theme and site. LearnDash, Teachable, Restrict Content Pro, S2Member, and MemberPress (See Above)

Top Membership and Subscription Management Software

A Review of The Top 5 Best Membership Site Platforms.

Feedback from viewers or readers of your content is very critical for a content creator. It motivates you and guides you on what type of content your visitors like. Knowing how much time visitors spend on the site, shares, and other statistics all matter for a website. One other way of measuring just how much visitors love your website and content is by offering memberships. Visitors who enlist as members are more likely to take more time on the site, return every time you have new content, and buy more.

What are membership sites?
A membership site offers exclusive classified content to members only. One has to pay a membership fee to access the membership site and benefit from special reports, newsletters, online courses, exclusive invites, conferences, free shipping, and much more. Membership sites are often used by clubs, institutions, and so on. Membership sites may or may not require subscriptions.

To lock out non-members from your site, you can use a membership site platform builder or a multi-purpose CMS with the necessary plug-ins and extensions. A membership and subscription management software will automate tasks such as payment processing, registration of new members, updating profiles, and delivering emails or newsletters.

If you are interested in finding a suitable membership software platform to build your membership site, we have done the legwork for you and compiled the best membership sites available in our list below.

Before we explore some of the best membership site platforms, here are some things to consider when choosing a membership platform. Choose a membership software that:

· Is easy to navigate and customize to your preferences.

· Regularly provides educational content on new features and options. These could be emails, articles and webinars, and online courses.

We have researched, analyzed, and compiled the best membership site platforms available in the list below.


(Best for Content-Only Subscriptions)

Kajabi is a membership platform specifically created to cater to online course creators. It is designed with an emphasis on marketing hence allows its users to aggressively reach their subscribers and potential subscribers through email campaigns and regular updates. It allows users to create courses and regulate how students will access. Kajabi is, however, a costly site.


  • It allows users to aggressively market their content by providing tools that facilitate bulk email delivery and marketing landing.


  • It is only accessible via the web. Hence you will not be able to access your site via Android or iOS phones or tablets.
  • Limited forum feature does not allow members to engage with each other fully.


Best Platform for Site Customization

Many membership sites are anchored on WordPress. WordPress is a membership and subscription management software that gives users access to hundreds of themes and customization tools. The site is user-friendly, but it is also accessible on the phone and via PC. The site is flexible and powerful and allows access to third-party plug-ins. Users can choose a subscription service that suits their needs from both the monthly and annual options.


  • Endless customization options- There are different options you can explore to create a custom and dynamic website on WordPress. You can do it on your own or take advantage of the third-party page builder or hire a professional to do the work for you.
  • Allows access to third-party plug-ins like Memberpress, which allow for customization and additions like ‘pay to access.’


  • The charges are rather high. Besides your WordPress subscription, you will need extra plug-ins to make the site a membership site platform.


Kartra is a complete marketing platform with email marketing, webinar, shopping carts, checkout features, list building features, we hosting capabilities and videos. Its drag and drop builder is user friendly and comes with a lot of customization elements. You can also take advantage of the available templates to design your blog, upsell pages, thank you pages, squeeze pages, or build your design from scratch.

The best part is that all templates are optimized to work on tablets, phones, and PCs. You can also add your features, such as your logo, branding, and styling, to make it attractive. Some of the fantastic features on Kartra include the welcome feature, comment moderation, and community moderation, queue up content feature; hence you can schedule posts, Mass management, Single sign-on to everything, multiple membership tiers and much more.

The analytics reports the site offers are easy to understand and will be beneficial to site users. You can also filter these reports by date, membership, access tier, and so on. Kartra is also integrable with several payment gateways, including Paypal, Email gateways such as SendGrid and others, and SMS gateways such as Plivo and Twilio. You can also code your integrations as necessary.


  • Very secure
  • Adaptive to several payment methods
  • Flexible commissions
  • Multiple commission tiers
  • Advanced split testing
  • Has a trial period for starters


  • Expensive


Thinkific is a popular membership platform as it offers zero transaction fees on all their plans. They also allow an unlimited number of students and dozens of other great features. Their plans are also fairly priced. To be able to sell memberships on Thinkific, you will need to subscribe to their pro plans, which start from $99 a month. Thinkific is the go-to platform if you plan on selling online courses and charging subscriptions. You can create your community on the platform.


  • Allows you to offer a free trial to members
  • You can create a stand-alone community


  • Membership pricing is restrictive. You can only charge monthly or annually.

Wild Apricot

It is a popular site for non-profit organizations, small-scale organizations, and small clubs, and business hubs. It has a drag and drop builder that makes it easy to set up a site. It is also optimized for use on mobile phones. Some of its unique features include the ability to automate the renewal of memberships, enable members-only content, and host a web store to increase revenue streams.


  • Mobile Friendly
  • User friendly and you can easily drag and drop to create site


  • Not suitable for sites with high traffic.

Final Words

With so many membership software platforms available, the most important thing is to find one that serves all the needs you intend to cater to your members. We hope this article has been a helpful guide.

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